Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 1000 mi
Update time = Fri, Jul-20-2018 11:06pm CDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
1 mi W of Saint Joseph, Missouri 2.6 000600373 mi 1532126809Fri, Jul-20-2018 5:46pm CDT map
4 mi SSW of Langston, Oklahoma 2.6 001059658 mi 1532120514Fri, Jul-20-2018 4:01pm CDT map
4 mi S of Langston, Oklahoma 2.5 001058657 mi 1532116015Fri, Jul-20-2018 2:46pm CDT map
11 mi E of Anthony, Kansas 2.0 000985612 mi 1532078167Fri, Jul-20-2018 4:16am CDT map
29 mi ENE of Rock Springs, Wyoming 2.5 001601995 mi 1532038451Thu, Jul-19-2018 5:14pm CDT map
4 mi SE of Blanchard, Oklahoma 2.4 001147713 mi 1532023296Thu, Jul-19-2018 1:01pm CDT map
5 mi SW of Wilson, Oklahoma 2.5 001231765 mi 1532019052Thu, Jul-19-2018 11:50am CDT map
9 mi N of Lindsay, Oklahoma 2.5 001156718 mi 1531922395Wed, Jul-18-2018 8:59am CDT map
8 mi SW of Cherokee, Oklahoma 2.8 001065662 mi 1531891168Wed, Jul-18-2018 12:19am CDT map
9 mi SW of Cherokee, Oklahoma 2.4 001066662 mi 1531889331Tue, Jul-17-2018 11:48pm CDT map
3 mi E of Edmond, Oklahoma 3.1 001087675 mi 1531859887Tue, Jul-17-2018 3:38pm CDT map
25 mi WSW of Trinidad, Colorado 2.7 001496930 mi 1531846932Tue, Jul-17-2018 12:02pm CDT map
1 mi NNW of Tuttle, Oklahoma 2.4 001140708 mi 1531842761Tue, Jul-17-2018 10:52am CDT map
13 mi SSE of Helena, Oklahoma 2.4 001073667 mi 1531835199Tue, Jul-17-2018 8:46am CDT map
6 mi N of New Madrid, Missouri 2.3 000714444 mi 1531786691Mon, Jul-16-2018 7:18pm CDT map
12 mi W of Perry, Oklahoma 2.9 001039646 mi 1531743648Mon, Jul-16-2018 7:20am CDT map
23 mi WSW of Broken Bow, Nebraska 2.8 000916569 mi 1531702807Sun, Jul-15-2018 8:00pm CDT map
0 mi NNE of Trenton, Georgia 2.2 000968601 mi 1531664828Sun, Jul-15-2018 9:27am CDT map
7 mi SW of Cushing, Oklahoma 2.1 001034642 mi 1531600099Sat, Jul-14-2018 3:28pm CDT map
19 mi ESE of Stapleton, Nebraska 2.4 000924574 mi 1531547162Sat, Jul-14-2018 12:46am CDT map

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Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.