Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 1000 mi
Update time = Mon, Nov-19-2018 3:24am CST

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
6 mi N of Dyersburg, Tennessee 2.2 000776482 mi 1542567761Sun, Nov-18-2018 1:02pm CST map
6 mi NNE of Harper, Kansas 2.7 000980609 mi 1542548815Sun, Nov-18-2018 7:46am CST map
4 mi NNE of Harper, Kansas 2.8 000982610 mi 1542542138Sun, Nov-18-2018 5:55am CST map
8 mi NE of Trinidad, Colorado 2.1 001442896 mi 1542520658Sat, Nov-17-2018 11:57pm CST map
7 mi S of Blanchard, Oklahoma 2.6 001154717 mi 1542511200Sat, Nov-17-2018 9:20pm CST map
4 mi N of Spencer, Oklahoma 2.5 001090677 mi 1542498253Sat, Nov-17-2018 5:44pm CST map
2 mi ESE of Salina, Kansas 2.8 000848527 mi 1542490464Sat, Nov-17-2018 3:34pm CST map
2 mi S of Steele, Missouri 2.4 000785488 mi 1542467928Sat, Nov-17-2018 9:18am CST map
2 mi NNE of Cherokee, Oklahoma 2.8 001047651 mi 1542467617Sat, Nov-17-2018 9:13am CST map
9 mi SSE of Blanchard, Oklahoma 2.0 001155718 mi 1542413991Fri, Nov-16-2018 6:19pm CST map
12 mi NNW of Medford, Oklahoma 3.0 001002623 mi 1542389119Fri, Nov-16-2018 11:25am CST map
7 mi ENE of Trinidad, Colorado 2.0 001444897 mi 1542364310Fri, Nov-16-2018 4:31am CST map
9 mi W of Union City, Oklahoma 2.9 001151715 mi 1542346940Thu, Nov-15-2018 11:42pm CST map
1 mi S of Medford, Oklahoma 2.9 001010627 mi 1542302430Thu, Nov-15-2018 11:20am CST map
1 mi SSE of Cushing, Oklahoma 2.7 001024636 mi 1542294157Thu, Nov-15-2018 9:02am CST map
7 mi W of Belle Plaine, Kansas 2.5 000940584 mi 1542242931Wed, Nov-14-2018 6:48pm CST map
12 mi E of Cave City, Arkansas 2.3 000818508 mi 1542188091Wed, Nov-14-2018 3:34am CST map
14 mi SSE of Anthony, Kansas 2.5 001011628 mi 1542179358Wed, Nov-14-2018 1:09am CST map
12 mi WSW of Pawnee, Oklahoma 3.3 001009627 mi 1542164930Tue, Nov-13-2018 9:08pm CST map
21 mi NW of Fairview, Oklahoma 2.8 001100684 mi 1542140933Tue, Nov-13-2018 2:28pm CST map
6 mi NW of Pawnee, Oklahoma 3.0 000991616 mi 1542047958Mon, Nov-12-2018 12:39pm CST map

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Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.